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Our goal is to help people live to their full potential by decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, and addictive behavior. As a result, there is an increase in happiness, focus, creativity, and contentment in their lives. We achieve this utilizing retreats, microdosing, 1:1 private sessions and, integration services.

Tom B., PA

"I lack the words to thank you properly for the gifts you have given me. Your medicine is powerful and your willingness to sit with me and hear my story without judgement put me miles ahead on my journey of self awareness."
1:1 Sessions
Three Month Supply $100

US shipping included. Contact for shipping outside US.

Increase focus, productivity, and energy. Decrease anxiety and depression.


Microdosing is the practice of consuming a sub-perceptual dose of psychedelic which is too small to produce hallucinogenic effects but large enough to produce mild cellular response.

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May 2024 7 Day Retreat 


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Benefits of Psilocybin 

Emotional, Psychological & Physical Healing

Enhance Energy, Focus, and Creativity

Recharge Your Mind, Body and Soul

Unlock Trauma, Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Eliminate Lower-Level Emotions (shame, guilt, pride)

See Things From a New Perspective

Let Go of What's Not Serving You

Promote Lasting

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