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Psychedelic integration is vital, necessary, and important for long-lasting growth and development.  Integration is the process that turns your intentions into reality.   It makes your insights real. A time to discuss and process your experience. The definition of intentions is "bringing parts together to make a whole."  Integration leads us to a sense of "wholeness." Get started today with four 1:1 sessions for $200


Take 5-10 minutes each day and practice one of these activities to consciously and actively reflect on the feelings and insights you had during your journey.

4 1:1 Integration Sessions $200

Examples of intentions could be owning up to ones mistakes, speaking your truth, or reconnecting with parts of yourself you may have turned away from. 

 Make the most of your psychedelic experience.  Utilize tools provided by your Wellness Practitioner. Do the work.  Get the results!

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