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Mush Love began with a vision.  A vision to help people release trauma, reduce stress/anxiety and live a life filled with joy.  We want to help people live their most authentic life.  Many people need a reset and plant medicine can do that.  Psilocybin is a useful tool to release, reset and provide a clear picture of your future self.

About Me

My name is Denise Brough

I personally began researching plant medicine/psychedelics four years ago.  I had gone through some difficult times and was left extremely depressed.  I had lost my joy, my happiness was gone.  Standard medical practice puts you on an antidepressant, which I did for a year and did not feel any better.  That's when I started looking into alternate ways to find the happiness within myself again. Well, it has been quite the journey to where I am now.  I found my joy again through plant medicine. I was able to release past traumas, physical pain, and the sadness that had a hold on me for quite some time. When I looked around, I started to see many unhappy people holding on to so much they needed to let go of.  So I started reading, researching, and taking every course/program I could find on the use and benefits of psychedelics/plant medicine. I personally have experienced most forms of plant medicines and have benefited greatly.  But I always came back to psilocybin.  I found it to be a gentler process then many psychedelics with amazing positive results.

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